Introduction to NFEX

What's NFEX and why should you trade NFT perpetual contracts on NFEX?

What's NFEX

NFEX is a decentralized derivatives exchange that offers perpetual contracts for trading across popular blue-chip NFTs. Compared to traditional NFT marketplaces, NFEX expands limitations and boosts liquidity, and offers leverage and long/short trading capabilities. Users can take positions in NFTs at low entry costs, speculating on future prices in either direction, or short NFTs without holding any assets.

NFEX provides secure, professional, and user-friendly products and services that enable a variety of trading strategies for NFT traders, including hedging, speculation, and arbitrage. Our goal is to build the best NFT derivatives trading platform around the globe.

What Makes NFEX Different

  • More Trading Opportunities : For the first time, investors can short NFTs without holding any assets, which opens up a variety of trading strategies including hedging, speculation, and arbitrage.

  • Leverage : NFEX also significantly lowers the entry barrier for investors to take a position in popular NFT collections, allowing investors to utilize their capital with up to 50x leverage to trade a minimum 0.01% of the underlying assets, effectively lowering the entry barrier by 10,000 times.

  • Lowest Trading Fees: NFEX offers the lowest trading fees and negative maker fees compared to other popular NFT marketplaces, which typically charge up to 10% royalty fee and 2.5% transaction fee. In contrast, NFEX reduces the transaction fees to the lowest level across the industry (only 0.15% for taker and 0.15% for maker).

  • Greater Liquidity for the Entire Industry: NFEX aims to reform the nascent NFT industry by providing greater liquidity at affordable costs, and introducing cutting-edge innovations to benefit NFT traders worldwide.

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